4 Bed One off & first time window cleaning

4 Bed One off & first time window cleaning

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Check prices and book a one off/first time window clean of a 4 bedroom home in Swindon Wiltshire. The price includes exterior cleaning of all your homes doors, windows and frames, including any home skylights*


You can choose to include additional services to be cleaned at the same time. Such as Fascia & gutter cleaning, Fascia & guttering cleaning & clearing, Conservatory Cleaning and Conservatory Roof Cleaning. 


Once you have chosen the service/s you require, simply click the continue button to gain access to our live booking system. This will allow you to book an exact day and time to suit you 🙂


You do not need to stay home or be available at the time booked as long as all windows are accessible when we arrive to clean. Payment is due on the day and can be paid to the cleaner or using payment details on the bill left through your door. 

If you are already an existing customer you can use this page to add one off services for cleaning, such as fascia, guttering clearing or cleaning and/or conservatory roof cleaning. All selections made as an existing customer will be reduced in cost on the day by half your normal regular clean cost or £20, whichever is greater and include your usual cleaning service to be carried out at the same time. 


The services available on this page;

Window cleaning Swindon

Fascia & Gutter Cleaning Swindon

Fascia & Guttering Clearing 

Conservatory Cleaning Swindon

Conservatory Roof Cleaning Swindon


*with best efforts we will clean all your home windows, including ground floor and 1st floor roof Velux style skylights if required and/or harder to reach windows. In accessible windows will only be left if we are unable to clean, this tends to happen in a rare small percentage of windows, our system and process is designed to access most inaccessible windows. Please contact us about Velux windows in your 2nd floor (3 story high) roof as we do now not clean then as standard. Please note we will not climb on or over roofs, on garages and neither can we clean any windows only accessible from flat roofs.