A brief history of Swindon

Swindon Window Cleaner talks about a brief history of Swindon.

Originally just a tiny market town, the market location was based in whats known as Old Town until around 1848. The industrial revolution was the predominant force and growth engine for mass and rapid expansion in the area. This growth was driven first by the canals and later the Great Western Railway Works Swindon. After years of neglect the canal's are now being brought back to life with the investment and regeneration.

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In Swindon Town Centre you will find the Railway Village, this was the heart of Great Western Railway Works and responsible for mass employment in the town for over a century. The Swindon Designer Outlet Village has since found its home within this complex. The Window Cleaner Swindon has even helped out by previously providing signage cleaning there. Within the Railway village was the Great Western Railway Medical Fund Clinic. From 1871 all Great Western Railway Works employees had a small amount deducted from their salary and put into a healthcare fund.

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This went towards the receiving medical care and attention from doctors who could prescribe them and their family members medicines, or help them to obtain further medical treatment. In an absolute first, Great Western Hospital Fund began providing artificial limbs as far back as the 1870’s, made by skilled craftsmen from the Railway Works, and just a few years later they opened a dental surgery. At The Window Cleaner we love to focus on personal development and were astounded to find out this was something offered by the Railway works. Along with improved sanitisation, Cleaning, health and well being, which just happened to be the very blueprint for the current NHS and the cradle to grave care and support provided now.

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In the Railway Village is The Mechanics' Institute which originally had the United Kingdoms first lending Library and provided a vast range of lectures, access to theatre and various other activities all aimed at self improvement. It was a groundbreaking organisation that transformed the Great Western Railways worker into some of the United Kingdoms most educated manual workers. 

Window Cleaner Swindon, Swindon History, GWR

The Great Western Railway Works Swindon was town's largest employer and in its hay day, grew to be one of the biggest employers in the country. By the 1940’s over half the male population of the town worked for the Railway. 

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Window Cleaning started to become more of a thing in the town as it continued its massive expansion due to the development Act 1952, which led to the biggest boost in its population. Swindon was designated an overspill town and around 14000 people from London came to live. Due to the area being dominated by one main industry for so long, it was now time for the town to diversify and expand into other industries. By the time of the decline of the Railway works, Swindon had already expanded into car manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, insurance, finance, food distribution and many more.

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Window Cleaning would have been a regular presence throughout the town by this time, but they were far from the set ups we use today. Typically a Window Cleaner would have used a ladder, bucket and squeegee while walking or balancing it all on their push bike. My nan actually had the same Window Cleaner for over 2 decades who carried on operating in this same way. 

Window Cleaner Swindon, Swindon History, GWR.

Swindon ‘s many decades of expansion, 2001 marked the year for the first construction in the area where The Window Cleaner Swindon is based, Priory Vale. This saw the final part in Swindon's 'Northern Expansion', a massive 2 decade long project which started with Abbey Meads, into St Andrew's Ridge and onto Redhouse, Haydon End, Taw Hill and Oakhurst. This expansion has continued to grow adding more housing, schools and parks with the latest additions of Moulden View, Ridgeway Farm, Tadpole Garden Village and Abbey Farm. 

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Window Cleaner Swindon benefitted from this expansion and creation of all the modern houses in North Swindon. Being based in Haydon End since its early days around 2007, The Window Cleaner Swindon, soon began operations in 2009. Since that time we have grown into a well known and trusted Window Cleaning business.

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Swindon is uniquely positioned on the Bristol to London Paddington Railway line and now due to the electrification of the line, GWR beat their record and travelled a train between Swindon and London Paddington in just 44 minutes. This shorter time is driving further expansion and influx of commuters to the town. 

Window Cleaner Swindon, Swindon History, GWR.

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